Joe Nichols Jr

Thanks for the replies.  To clarify, I am finishing a small powerhouse to supply a mine/mill complex in remote Colorado.  I am building one the size of the "Lost Horse" ("Dead Horse"?) Mill power house in Crystal Colorado but this one has a vertical water wheel.  One of my next scratchbuilding projects will be to build the Dead Horse after I find a few more pics of the mill (pics of the powerhouse are everywhere and it is still in reasonably accurate shape in Crystal).  I am in the 1917 time era but the power house should be about 30 years old by then.  The mill and powerhouse on my layout are only about 5 inches apart.  It is slightly back from the front fascia so visitors are unlikely to break the wires/poles (but I am) so I may use poles with 36 gauge wire blackened with a magic marker.
Thanks again.  If I am going to spend the time then I would like for it to be fairly accurate.
Joe Nichols, Jr.
Receiver, Alpine Central Railroad
Atlanta, GA