MOW decals.


Good morning,
 I am working on a few MOW cars for the D&RGW. Namely the 3 car set for OY a kitchen and a diner and a few others. The problem I am having is finding the whure end of car decals for the red cars. Narrow Gauge colorado did the decals in black for their OM set, but for the kitchen car the only decals are the name and  number in black and white. I have Microscale, Thinfilm, Rio Grande Models but on no sheet can I find the appropriate:
Any ideas?
 Thnx, Dave Sheber


White, not whure. Dave S

Art D3

I am building several MOW cars as well. Thinfilm makes MOW decals HON-2 &  HON-2A  in white and black. There is one end car data per sheet (see photo to locate on sheet) so you'll need one sheet per model. I have been forced to decal car use (Kitchen, bunk, etc.) with Microscale lettering sheets. You can order Thinfilm decals direct online although they would prefer you go through your LHS first.

It would be great if Thinfilm or San Juan would do a sheet with just car use names Kitchen, Commissary, Bunk, Water Service, Sleeper, Office, etc. in White and Black. It would also be helpful if they would add more zeros and 4s per sheet. Do you know how many MOW cars have multiple 4s? I just finished the Block, Cable, and Tool cars for the Alamosa Wrecker consist and I wiped out my supplies of 4s on these three cars.

Art Dutra

Craig Linn

You bring up a good point Art.  Need some more of those "0" and "4" numbers.

I'm working on the "Colorado Narrow Gauge" Water Car for a static piece on my layout right now.  So far so good...but the instructions could be a bit better.  IMO.



The Thinfilm decals do not include the accurate end car data for many of the cars we are modeling. The D&rGW apparently used an abbreviated datum out of Salida that differed from the normal boxcar datum. Oh well. Rio Grande Models has a decal sheet that has nothing but names and numbers in black and white, $3 each. Exactly what you are lookibg for.
Dave S