Mike Blazek Workbooks and Drawings

John Engstrom

Posting this for Mike:

My name is Mike Blazek.  Since the 1970's, I've been doing  drawings for railroad related buildings and structures.

These have been  for narrow gauge roads, primarily Colorado narrow gauge lines, the RGS, D&RGW, C&S, Gilpin Tram, Silverton lines. 

I've also done drawings for railroad related buildings on the SPNG, White Pass and Yukon, and the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes.

These drawings are listed on my website at

Also listed on the website are 36 Workbooks on locations on the Colorado railroad sites-generally by town or location but several Workbooks of entire railroads such as the Silverton short lines, and three on the Gilpin lines.

My telephone number is (714) 979-8055. 

My email is mikeblazek@...

I've decided to include this paragraph for you as I may not be able to offer these plans or Workbooks for any length of time into the future.  Thanks.