Kadee 705 to 714 compatibility?

Ed Tibbetts

A couple of months ago I mounted Kadee 705’s on the pilots of all 6 of my HOn3 brass steam side rod locomotives. I use a pick to assist coupling and to uncouple. I find the 705’s mated to the 714’s to be very difficult to pick open, and not much easier to get them to mate (couple). I have not experimented with 705 to 705 uncoupling with a pick.
Is anyone else having similar issues? Solutions? I do not want to install 705’s on all my rolling stock.
Ed T.

Art D3

If you're on the io groups website, go to messages and then click on the search button upper left. Type in kadee 705 and you'll find all on the discussions.,,,20,0,0,0::relevance,,kadee+705,20,2,0,32602852

Here is the post by Dale Buxton describing his findings and how to modify a 705 to fit in the cast box.
Art Dutra
Meriden, CT

Ed Tibbetts

I made a pick using .035 piano wire, ground to a point, then ground flat,180 degrees apart. That works better. Also, being able to see helps. Better then brail.