Kadee 705'

Ric Case

Bruce: I like the way they look but I am not happy with the way they interface together with the older 714 . I use picks to uncouple and the 705 has such details and is so small ( couple so close) they are hard to get separated.
They mount nicely to my 3 d printed cars they really do look great !
I just don’t think I can replace all 175 cars! Price prohibits! 
You will have to try them for yourself to see how much you like them with your other rolling stock!

Ric Case 
EBT Modeler 
Hamilton Ohio 

On Dec 5, 2019, at 11:02 AM, Bruce <in2trains@...> wrote:

Just bought some of the new Kadee 705's from TRAINLIFE.COM.  Kadee Quality Products HOn3 Gauge: #705 Medium Centerset Assembled Couplers - On sale , Pkg 4 for $4.24.

Seems pretty good price.  

Bruce Bowie
Huron Ohio

Ed Tibbetts

I installed 705’s on the pilots of my 6 brass HOn3 steam loco’s. I also found them tight using a pick to uncouple with my 714’s. I do have facing siding drops and picks, but the 705/714 work better then the 714’s mounted without draft gear and a spring. Life’s little trade off’s😊🚂