ISE Servo Contoller was: Tam Valley Switch Machines?


They have all sorts of options, kits yes, or just the controller board, which used to be $8 but not sure if cost continues to be that low.  You can get good Cheap 9g servos for less than $2.  So the basics are/were $10 and you can foam-sticky tape the things to the layout underboard.


However I printed my own servo holders, and I note now that ISE now has their own as well.  More can be found on Thingyverse.


I actually would suggest the Mrservo 2 as it would allow for turnout indicators.  I had to wire on my own which was no big deal once figured out, but fiddly.  Two bi-color LED, 4 diodes, 2 resistors.  Simple but fiddly.  Especially for an ME.


The key with servos, any servos,  is to get the servo tester sold by All Electronics, JameCo and others.  It has a setting that allows you to center the servo arm so you don’t risk stripping the bitty gears inside.


By the way, ISE are ‘open source’ fellows and they provide in there online documentation the PCB layout.  So if you are really into DIY you can make your own boards!


It is a very good product.




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Very interesting Todd, I don't remember seeing the Iowa stuff.


Does their stuff come with the servo, or is that an add-on?


Mike Conder