HOn3 locomotives and books for sale additions and updated + kits


HOn3 for sale updated with additions 11.20.19

 $750 WSM      D&RGW          K-28   476    2-8-2   Pro paint        Great paint and condition flying RG 

$400  BLN  inspection car with trailer                           factory            Berlyn  way cool !

$450 Key         C&S                B4E     71        2-8-0   unpntd              Nice with upgrade PSC beatrap and butterfly plow included


$500 PSC        RGS                 T19      25        4-6-0   Custom            very good paint


$500 PSC        RGS                 C19     41        2-8-0   Factory            Incredible loco


$300 WSM      D&RGW         C-16    278      2-8-0   Custom            very good paint Flying RG


$250 WSM      D&RGW         C-16    278      2-8-0   unpntd                  Sold 1 have another


$350 WSM      D&RGW         K-27    464      2-8-2   custom             Very good paint           


$300 BLK       D&RGW         K-27    456      2-8-2   Fact pnt            DC Never been run Only unboxed once for pic


$400 BLK       D&RGW         C-19    unlet     2-8-0   fact pnt           new green boiler DCC


$300 WSM      D&RGW         C-25    375      2-8-0   Custom            Very good paint Flying RG


$300 WSM      D&RGW         T-12                4-6-0   unptnd              nice sold 1 have another


$250 BAL        D&RGW         K-36                2-8-2   unpainted          Nice with Pilot plow included


$75  PFM        D&RGW         K-27                            Painted             Tender only with Doghouse


$100 WSM      D&RGW         C-16    278                  unpainted          tender only


$100 WSM      D&RGW         C-16    268                  pnt black          tender only


Kits:  kits do not incl truck, coupler or decals unless stated.

$15 each  plus shipping

DP   D&RGW  Idler Flat                                               3 available

RGM D&RGW idler flat  06008 Pile driver idler

ClrCrk D&RGW Pipe Gon

PSC  UTLX   Framles tank  with plastic trucks             2 available

ACS D&RGW 6000 flat                        Alamosa car shops


$20 each plus shipping

E&B Valley  vestibule coach  predecorated  E&B trucks

E&B Valley Vestibule Coach                       E&B trucks

E&B Valley D&RGW combine                     E&B trucks





$200 AMS       RGS                 Cab      0400                Factory pnt       very nice


$400 Bach       D&RG                                     4-4-0   Factory pnt       Spectrum beautiful  Rito Alto


Richard Dorman books  All signed.  Some have owner's names  Each $70 
Chama Cumbres
Rio Grande Southern Ultimate Pictorial
Rio Grande Southern Ultimate Pictorial II

$18 Sherman Hill  By Ehernberger SC good condition
$25 An Empire of Silver by Robert Brown HC like new


Tony Kassin

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