Grandt Line trucks


I have managed to rehabilitate my Grandt line trucks so they perform remarkably better. Better as in rolling quality from a dead stop to rolling away from me on a four per cent grade. The "fix" is rather simple so what i do is first remove the wheelsets and set them aside. Then I take my handy dandy X-acto knife and clean up/out all the flash I can find. Then I spritz the journal boxes with Hob-E-Lub. No idea if they are still in business but the graphite/molybdenum mixture is what I use. I replace the wheelsets to their journal boxes and then run the trucks over a paper towel soaked in your choice of cleaning solution to clean the treads. What difference that makes, from brakes on the smooth rolling cars. Not as good as Blackstone, but comparable to KaDee HGC's  which i use as Blackstones are O.O.S.
Paul Buhrke
Recreating the 14th. Subdivision
D&RGW Salida Division in 1929



 I like a #11 scalpel. I give the inside edge of the brake shoe a little trim also.
The Grandt axels SOMETIMES have a minor rough spot on the very end. I suspect that the die fills from one end. I feel with my finger or my lip to determine if a rough spot exists. I use # 600 wet backed by a piece of craft foam. I don't use a hard backer because I want the axel end to not have a dead flat end or sharp edge. Don't over do the sanding thing or the axel will be too short.

I lube with neolube or powered teflon. I'm a dry lube guy. Whatever works for you.

Dusty Burman