Goose Remotor-regear Gazette articles

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Craig wrote the following articles for the Gazette :

-MAY/JUNE 2016 : Modifying an Hon3 Lambert Goose #2 (motor replacement, sound decoder, lights, ...)

- JULY/AUGUST 2016 : Modifying an Hon3 Lambert Goose into #3 (where he turns a Lambert #4/5 into #3)

- MAY/JUNE 2021 : Hon3 Lambert Gosse Improvements
This one is about improvements made from Mark Kasprowicz and Mick Moignard technical recommandations such as Nigel Lawton pulley/belt drive, and adding a keep alive and led lights.


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Which issue?

Don Bergman

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Craig Symington documented the Nigel Lawton belt drive conversion in a recent issue of the Gazette. But that uses the original Lambert drive, not the Concor - no need to mess with that, it's quiet.

Mark K


Sébastien Jubault
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Craig Symington

I also created a companion video to demonstrate how well the pulley system works.  I hope this info is helpful.

Craig Symington.


I used the article from July/Aug to convert  a very noisy Goose #5 to a quieter and smoother running one, DC only.

I saved all 3 articles in .pdf format and can share here if anyone is interested.

P.S.  I used the same NWSL motor as the author(Craig Symington, MMR) recommended in his article.