Fw: [HOn3] Happier times.

Don Bergman


Nice Shot.  How about a shot or 2 coming across the bridge.
What time of day was it?  When and from where did that train begin its run?  Interested in the timing to get where you are with the light where is is . 

Also, your shot reminded me of June 17, 1989 about noon.  Notice the spot on the horizon where the near cliff goes down to the track and crosses the tree ridge beyond.   I was chasing the C&TSRR on the Chama end and did not want to run around so I got my last shot of the Chama- to Antonito train disappearing down the Los Pinos Valley and took a ride into the forest and found that distant spot.   Its a hundred feet above the road easy climb.  (Just little below the cliff as I was not be able to see Cascade Trestle.)    Sat down and had lunch, took some shots.   Then came off my perch and followed the Antonito-Chama train the rest of the day.  

Never been back there.  But hope to do so again.  A great quiet, forest spot to pass the time between trains.

Don Bergman

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I thought I'd share a few photos from not too distant days with the hope that those return again soon. Here's the first. Mark K

Mark Kasprowicz


Thanks for the kind words. It was taken some time ago and right now I'm sorting out my photo collection and the rest of the photo's are on one of two slides. You can guess what happens next, my side of the loco drops in shadow. So the rest of the pics are not so brilliant.

I really like your 'Big Country' photos. Just shows how the landscape dwarfs the train. Wonderful land.

Here's one from the other end.



Great pics guys, Thnx.