FS: 2 More Blackstone K-27s


Hey guys,
I'd like to continue reducing my on hand stuff to pay for other things.
I only accept PayPal.
I ship USPS Priority unless otherwise paid for.
Pictures for serious buyers.
Contact me off list at silent_11111@... (yes all the 1s are included)

Blackstone K-27, DRGW 454 Flying Grande, B310121
-Test run on DCC very shortly and put back in the box.
-Has sound
-Asking $400 shipped
-No issues

Blackstone K-27, DRGW 461 Moffat Tunnel, B310127-S
-Test run on DCC very shortly, has sound. Functions mechanically and sound fine.
-This engine has a couple appearance issues. The previous owner got rid of the Blackstone shipping sleeve and sent the engine and tender in too loose bubble wrap.
    -Two small detail(one is a step, other I can't id) pieces broke, I've got them in a small bag. The tender coupler bar appears bent. It could potentially be rebent or replaced with a new couple

-Asking $320 shipped on this as the engine functions fine and a coupler replacement should be quick and easy with a Kadee.