Bruce Bowie


I have been adding to my tub of HOn3 cars, mostly kits, for decades.  I am finally building my East Broad Top layout.  Of course, I have also been adding detail parts, trucks and couplers so when the day comes I finally have a place to operate them, I am good to go for building my fleet.  The world keeps marching on and improving products is just one measure.  Kadee (you gotta' love 'em) has come out with a new narrow gauge coupler.  I have read numerous posts about their merits and demerits.  I personally feel strongly that having a "standard" is the correct way to go from both a construction and from an operating standpoint.  So, I have decided to go with Kadees new 705 as my standard.

With that said, I have 30 new old stock Kadee 714's still in sealed packages.  I will let the entire batch go for $60 plus $10 shipping.  As a bonus, I will include a 702 Assembly Tool (no box or instructions).  Payment through PayPal preferred, but a check will also work.

Please contact me off-list if interested.

Bruce Bowie
Huron, Ohio