Figuring Grades

Mark Rosche

Shouldn’t be too difficult...some parts used to construct a 3D printer (stepper motor, some pulleys, drive belt, some epoxy, some neodymium magnets and an arduino) and a little creative engineering and coding should do the trick...and all for less than $100 😁👍🏻😜🤣😁



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On 27. Sep 2019, at 22:06, Dale Buxton <dbtuathaddana@...> wrote:

Sure you could do that. Liniare electric motors are designed to do just that. All you would need is several thousand dollars for a custom built system. Interesting idea though. If anybody implements a system like this, it will probably be the Germans. They already have the operating vehicle/road system. This would just be another quantum step. 

 In another way to look at this... I have a track inspection car made out of plexiglass that I put a 1 1/2" X 7/8" X 1/8" Neodymium magnet on top of to pick up stray spikes and iron filings. Before I even started, I knew that this particular magnet was massive overkill for the designed purpose. But, it was what I had at the time. This magnet is so powerful that it is attracted to every single tini rail spike head and every screw under the track, homasote and 1/2" plywood within the field of the magnets influence! Its magnetic gauss is just that powerful! When the car is pulled by any HOn3 2-8-0, once the car passes over a screw beneath its field of influence. The poor little loco can't overcome the pull of the magnet to whatever it is being attracted to. The loco just sits and spins its wheels. LOL! I have to use a regauged HO diesel to pull it. 

What if you put a magnet like this under the layout on a secondary line that was a mirror image to the track above it? Maybe like a monorail system moving the Neodymium magnet just below the sub-roadbed. From what I've seen, it takes very little iron to attract these super-magnets. So in theory, this could be used to assist the locomotives up the garde.  

D Buxton

On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 5:01 AM Brian Kopp <kc5lpa1@...> wrote:
what do you think about building an HOn3 tractive effort enhancement system that is mounted under the steep grade? If we could ensure there was enough ferro-magnetic metals in the locomotive, then we could "pull" the locomotive toward the track on a steep grade by using a series of undertrack coils, thus enhancing tractive force! If you could sequentially turn on the coils the system would even help pull the locomotive up the grade.....

Other than rebuilding your workhorse HOn3 locos and taking the nickel metal out of all your HOn3 rolling stock it shouldn't cost but a few hundred dollars per grade.......

Brian Kopp (with tongue firmly planted in cheek)
Jacksonville, FL

Brian Kopp

Oh boy. Here we go. I can't wait to read about the new magne-traction locomotive assist commands in DCC...... =)

Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL