Durango Press Rotarys

Graeme Walker

Quick question, what is the difference between DP kit 30 & 31?

From photos online it looks like kit 31 has more metal detail parts both seem to be based on OM


Graeme Walker
Toowoomba Australia

Graeme Walker

Gee that was easy, just needed to look a bit closer at the pics.
#30 is HOn3
#31 is HO



A quick look through the two kits and I believe it is only in the trucks.  SG wheel sets for all axles.  Different tender truck bolsters and the rotary has different side frames (missing the extensions for the ng wheel sets)



When first issued, the kits differed only in the body bolster that was included.
One contained an HO standard gauge bolster, and the other an HOn3.  Later, they included both in the same kit and 
reduced the offering to a single kit.

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