Difficult Spikes _ Thank You, Steve Hatch

Jim Marlett

I tried it and it worked! I’m a micros spike guy now.

I still bend more than with small spikes, but the success rate is way up. I’d suggest that anyone with a bunch of micro spikes sitting around give it a try. I weighted my Dremel tool down with a section of light rail from a full sized railroad and instead of a cut off wheel used a thicker wheel, but it all worked.

Thanks, Steve!

Jim Marlett

On Jan 11, 2021, at 12:13 AM, Steve Hatch <hatch@...> wrote:

  The micro spikes will shove in really nice if you sharpen them.
I have a small dremel with a cut off disc sitting right beside me as I spike.
I touch the very end of the spike against the wheel for just a second
on an angle to put a chisel shape to the end.
  I do this with each and every one as I pick up the spike in the plier and touch
it diagonally to the disc to form the chisel and then insert it in the roadbed as normal.
Some reason the micro spikes are blunt on the end and do not insert well without
that slight taper at the end.  It's a minor move after you get used to it.
  They spike really well then and I can get the rail and spike nice and tight.
Try it and let me know if it works for you.
My railroad here is 20 by 46 feet and it's all laid in 55 and spiked that way.
 It didn't take all that long once I got used to the extra move.  (grind wheel)
Sure hope that helps
-Steve Hatch

Steve Hatch

   Your sure welcome Jim.
It's great that it works for you.