A new offering of Virtual Tours of Narrow Gauge Model Railroads


The cancelled St. Louis Narrow Gauge Convention left us all wanting to do something to reconnect and share our interest in narrow gauge railroad history and model building.  We all missed the opportunity to see narrow gaugers from all over the world. So, some of us put together an online series of St. Louis layout tours and clinics to share at least some of the convention experience.


We have put together another series of online layout tours to keep up the strong interest we share in narrow gauge. Each month we will feature a layout located “Off the Beaten Track” where it is not likely we will be able to visit.  Each session will also include a clinic by one of our best presenters and possible vendor presentations. 


We have created a site to communicate all the information. Please consider joining this group to participate.


·        The schedule is once a month on the second Tuesday evening commencing at 8:00 EST.

·        Members of this Group will automatically receive a message with the link to each upcoming Zoom meeting.

·        These sessions will continue until at least our next National Narrow Gauge Convention.

·        We will record sessions for subsequent posting on a dedicated YouTube channel.


Planning committee:

Russ Segner, Pete Smith, Gerry Cornwell, Marc LaChey, Dave Adams, Jeff Shultz

Dave Adams on behalf of the committee



I have heard from some that I blew the announcement posting in that the link to the NNG does not work.

This address should get you to the home page -

An email to this address should get you signed up -

Sorry for the error in the original message.

Dave Adams