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Yes this is Telluride, with a few changes from how it really was in my 1941 time frame. I wanted to keep a small engine house for operations and fun, and had to swap a couple of switches to get enough length for the curves in and out of the team track north of the depot.

Also had to bend the mainline 90 degrees to the right to go along my wall, thus the sidings east of the depot are a bit modified also, but will serve the same industries.

The temporary second hand backdrops are a good upgrade from the flowers wallpaper also 😄

Nice job on the code 40. I might do that for the engine house tracks. They are temporary for now until I decide what to do.
I was disappointed with the ME code 40 flextrack I had bought for those. The ties are much shorter than on their cd55 track. The look is not really great...

Le jeu. 14 oct. 2021 à 00:48, Jeff Reynolds <jefe4x4@...> a écrit :
Seb, It looks like Telluride to me. That's code 40 on the house trk @ Telluride.


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There is something about that particular backdrop image that is so refreshing that I almost want one to just frame and hang on the wall even without a layout below it.  EdW