1.25" PVC Water Tank for a Grandt Stamp Mill


Materials. .020 x .060 scribed. Schedule 40 1.25" PVC. Zap CA - ACC.

Tools. 6" square. Knife. Micro Quick Grip Clamp. ACC Applicators. Circle Square (for laying out joists and bents attached to bottom inset).

1. Build Circle Square. Square with a Right isosceles triangle built in.

2. Build a higher capacity precision ACC Applicator. Needle with eye opened and styrene tubing or pin vise.

3. Clamp scribed styrene to pipe about an inch from the end of styrene. Justify sheet edge and pipe end on a precision surface plate or a slightly less precise surplus office desk top.

4. Hold the short end down as square as possible. Carefully apply minimal ACC to edge of strip. Engage the styrene end edge with a death grip or a second clamp. Let cure completely.

4. Carefully pull the styrene around and determine the correct length. Trim.

5. Stretch and glue carefully a little bit at a time checking alignment. Unless you are very confident then squirt ACC liberally and roll the styrene around. I'm chicken based on prior unfavorable large area ACC outcomes.

6. When I get to the end I check the joint and clamp it flat and carefully apply ACC.

7. I cut the round overlapping top and inset bottom pieces on my Cricut.

8. I still need bands, base bents and misc details like piping, hatch, ladder and whatever comes to mind. Maybe a 'lots of work' peaked roof? Maybe locate the tank under an attached lean to roof?

Dusty Burman