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Dave Eggleston

Thanks for posting this wonderful document. There is no argument from anyone that the SPC was a busy, successful operation! 

Two things really stand out to me, beyond the massive commuter traffic to/from SF down the east Bay. 

First, the sheer dispatching madness of interleaving so many passenger trains around the very long lumber drags and returning empties through the canyons and tunnels south of San Jose; modeling this section would rival any standard gauge T&TO operation for sheer intensity, and scenery! This traffic wasn't a surprise to me, anyone looking at the SPC knows it was a wildly successful business from the start. Jimmy Fair knew what he wanted to accomplish; the SP pushed it to the limit.

Second...look at how many daily trains move on the short branch run between Newark and Centerville! I don't have my books available at the moment so can't recall if horses were still motive power for this branch in 1901, but it was busier than I'd thought, likely so even in its earlier horse-drawn period. Wow! 

Dave Eggleston

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SP Coast Division Employee Time Table of 1901 which includes the 3 foot gauge SPC between Alameda and Santa Cruz California. Big time narrow gauge railroading.