Brake gear

David Zolnierek

Don, all


Here is what I have done , close to the prototype


No data that I could find on the  #5  Baggage car or the Red Mt. Coach  to old ??


The other 3  SN,  SGN,  SRR  are built off of   Standard 1885 plan (close  I only used 2 brake levers not 4


Hope this helps



David  Zolnierek


Preserving the History of Red Mountain



Jeff Young

Nice work, David!


David, Stunning work on the brake rigging. 

from pics in 2012, i think straight air can be inferred on Baggage #5.  What's interesting is some of the plumbing seems to infer a valve in the car.

I regret not putting on my big boy pants and crawling under the Red Mountain.  Though I did get a good picture of the tension rod coupling.

attached are pics of Baggage #5. I think it likely that 413 and 417 are from the Cylinder side, 417 showing an elbow going up..., while 446 shows a coupling "T" that might be on the tank side attachment.