WTB-C&S Water tank


Hi all,
Hoping someone out there might have a Builders in Scale #104 C&S water tank kit they'd care to part with?  I've looked on the Bay, and other places without luck. If you have one or....two kits, and would sell them, please contact me off list.

John Miller
Carlsbad, CA.


Keep searching eBay and save the search to set up email notifications when one comes up.  There was one there just a few weeks ago but it is gone now.

Wayne Taylor

Scott Baker

Wayne is correct, they are very common. I was modeling the C&S before focusing on the D&RG 4th division and saw them all the time on Ebay. They will show up if you keep an eye out. I will post here or send you a message if I see one.

Scott Baker

Not my listing, but here you go if you are still looking...

Mike Conder

I missed this when originally posted, I probably have an extra that I'll never build.  But I can't get it for a couple of weeks.  If still interested, email me offline.

Mike Conder
vulturenest1 at gmail dot com