OT Re: [HOn3] now soldering iron

Richard Brennan

At 10:14 AM 4/4/2021, rick@urbaneagle.com wrote:
Scenes from the brass locomotive makers some time ago (maybe the 50's) showed their workers using a big iron like that but with a place off to the side for heating. That is the way all the detail parts were put on. It has so much mass that it sets off the solder in microseconds, so you don't need to linger over a spot.
In a 1960's middle-school shop class... the inattentive young man next to me set his iron down on the back of my hand... instead of in the shared gas heater between us.
It was obvious why Pacific Islanders use the term 'Long Pork'... and I still have a triangular ghost image there.

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA