San Juan Models Redux

Mike Conder

REcently there was a series of messages with an inappropriate header concerning San Juan Models.  Those messages have been deleted, and any messages reusing the same header (including emails concerning CriCuts)  will also be deleted.  For the record, the issue was resolved and the original poster had this as a follow-up:

"Great news! Replacement parts arrived from San Juan to continue box car projects. Excellent job Starla and Doug!"

Please be cautious about angry complaints concerning our suppliers, as one angry message like that can damage their reputation much more than dozens of supporting messages can repair.  Most of our suppliers are small, often part-time operations that are around due more to the love of the hobby than trying to make a million bucks.

If you have issues, please resolve it directly and if you still feel compelled to take it to the group, please contact me directly on how to do so appropriately.

Mike Conder - group owner
vulturenest1 at gmail dot com