Sanding Sealer Part 2



Another formula was to take lacquer thinner and desolve Styrofoam drinking cups in the thinner.  This wa s to give their wood wings a "tooth" so that their monocote cave r ing would stick better. Would mkt suggest this method  for our modeling.


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Art D3

I prefer Minwax water based sanding sealer from a big box home improvement store. You can't get any more cost effective. Dries quickly, so you can do multiple coats sanding in between until the wood fiber "fuzz" stop lifting.I usually assemble the car body then seal it. The glue holds better and no warping.
Art Dutra
Meriden, CT

p. f. hollingsworth

Are there no hardware or paint stores to buy sanding sealer from? I still have a gallon or so from cabinet making days, and thinned down for modeling it works well when I need some. I just brush it on when it is needed and avoid getting the airbrush dirty. If you are just going to sand it anyhow, a thinned down mix works really well.

John Hutnick

In response to buying from paint and hardware stores, I checked my local NJ Home Depot listings for the spray type shellac noted earlier.  They listed one brand, Zinsser, at $7.98/12oz.  But stock typically shows at 5 cans per store, which means hardly any.  True Value hardware lists the same product at $12.49, but ship to store, meaning they may not even stock it.