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The new narrow-gauge locomotives were difficult to procure. They should start arriving in Skagway next month. ( White Pass & Yukon Route Railway)
"The corridor itself, for the last several years, we have upgraded the roadbeds, the ties, the rails, the bridges — so our infrastructure is more than adequate for these heavier locomotives."
The new engines are not cheap, coming in at around at $2.5 million each.
The new locomotives should start arriving in Skagway next month.
It's uncertain how many riders the White Pass & Yukon Route may see this summer though. Skagway is bracing for a bad tourist season because of COVID-19 and cancelled cruises.

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Robert Bell

Being an avid modeler and fan of the White Pass, I like them.  I REALLY like them in the yellow/green.  I think they should NOT change the colors to the red/black as was illustrated a month or two ago.  I want to see them with the plow attached (I can't imagine that they won't have plows).

Rob Bell
Waynesville, NC