NWL good news

Brian Kopp

I had a nice chat with Lezlee in the NWSL warehouse last week (she called me to get a fresh credit card number) and this week almost all of the remainder of my orders from last spring showed up, including a couple MDC HOn3 shay and Lokie regear kits. On the call she indicated that some items listed as discontinued on invoices after I tried to order them last year were now 'recontinued"? (my word), including those little 50:1 gearboxes, the 170-6 and 171-6.

I think am finally starting to feel a little back to normal. Now if RGMs can land somewhere and Grandt Line can get back online, this year might really turn out well....=)

BTW I think Lezlee indicated that the new owner was the guy who made the gears for them?? 
Brian Kopp
Jacksonville, FL