DRG Thielsen 4000 Series Box Car Trucks


Based on photos in Steve Swanson's work equipment book and Robert Grandt's Numbered work equipment book I am compelled to ( attempt to) put Thielsen trucks under at least one 4000 car. I have played the Google Game to the best of my ability to find a suitable truck in Hon3 with no success. This truck is flatter across the top than the SP Thielsen. A distinctive feature is a hole in the end of the bolster(?). I saw a photo with the caption containing 'cast transom'. Ozark minitures appears to have the truck I am looking for but 4 times the size. Anyone have a solution for the correct truck or a suitable modification for a 'stand in'? I'm not looking for a Smithsonian stand in, more like a bit of visual deception.

Dusty Burman
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In HOn3 I would use a Rio Grande Models 20 ton D&RG truck and insert a styrene cover with the hole in it.  Or do the same thing with a PSC old style D&RGW tender truck. The tender truck would be a bit heavy on the 4100 cars that had that style of truck.

D&RG 3'7", 20 ton, 27 foot box cars.

Tony Kassin

Dale Buxton

I agree with Tony on the early C- class tender trucks. But these tender trucks are 4’ wheel base. Though, the extra 5” of truck length is hardly noticeable in HO scale while under a car. Unless maybe your truck bolster spacing from the end of the car frame would prohibit these trucks. One again a thin piece of styrene with about a half width hole in it to cover the springs and you’ve got a close facsimile D&RG 20 ton truck side frame.

Dale B.


I'm going to try to get a couple pairs of Rio Grande 27' trucks ordered today. Even if they aren't convertable to Theilsens they will probably 'do' for stand in work car trucks.

Dusty Burman