3d printing was Tarp color


Art - I think we are beginning to see the limits of 3d printing for our hobby. It is far more practical (and cost effective) for small detailed objects than large bulk constructions for the final "production" product.  For masters, that's a whole different story. Print two masters for a flat car body, top and bottom and resin cast the final body (less undercut details that won't work in a rubber mold) and then make those special details like brake cylinders separately.  This is straight away production engineering and you don't need an engineering degree to make this happen.
This is how I'd do it if I were younger and didn't have to spend my days and nights caring for my handicapped wife of 57 years.  I'm writing this as she sleeps. I'm full of ideas for using 3d printing; but these days I don't even have the bandwidth to put down ready laid track and cork on a sheet of poliiso foam.
Ed Weldon