BS Coach to Combine?


Has anyone scoped out adding a Grandt combine door and Evergreen siding to a Blackstone coach. Does the Evergreen passenger car siding or any other v-grooved match the BS siding?

211 and 240 in the Grandt book caught my attention with their RPOish narrow doors and 240s bar windows. 240 looks to have a 'blind' front end and mail crane hardware. I could stand minor window and fascia differences. I wonder where this car was used? 

Anyone have ideas?

Dusty Burman 

Jeff Young

Hi Dusty,

The only modifications I’ve done to the Blackstone coaches is to back-date them by removing the electrical appliances.  I’m in Colorado right now but I can check if the siding grooves match when I get home.

Another option is to start with a Labelle kit.  I did some extensive modifications to turn the Alamosa parlour car into a C&S combine.  (I can send you info on that if you’d like.)



240-242 were the mail coaches.  240 was used on Cumbres and the RGS. Danneman's book has a great picture of it sitting in Lake City.  It was part of the Mexico sale with the 241.
242 was wrecked on Barranca on the Chili Line.


Nice work on the C&S combine Jeff!

Mark Kasprowicz

I think BS coaches will become hard to find until/ if there is another run of them, so I'd be more careful about how they're using. La Belle is one idea though I find them too tall.
But how about this idea. An old E&B or MRGS open platform coach. The sides are not tall enough below the wainscott so cut off the siding below it. Now add whatever siding you want (no matching problem) utilising as much of the window strip as you want , an MRGS rersin roof and other parts from the original kit plus of course those rare Grandt line doors. I think it will make a good looking car but I would not broggle a BS car to make it.

Mark K
Oxon England.