Duplicate issues of NG&SLG


This is a copy of the message I just posted under the original "NG&SLG - Complete Set - All but 5" topic. I apologize if doing this is not correct. But I thought that probably most folks would miss the posting in the original Topic, so I decided to start under a new topic heading. Here it is:
Hi All,
Just quick "Thank You" for your assistance regarding my NG&SLG "Complete Set". The "Set" has been sold.
I have approximately 93 issues which were duplicates of my "Complete Set". If you have any interest in a number of them, please contact me off-list and I'll send you a Excel spreadsheet or PDF of what I have.
My "duplicates" aren't in as good conditions as my original set, but I have from the first issue, March 1975 through 4 2008 issues.
Would like to sell all of them to one person, but am willing to break them up.
My email address is budgriffin2 at comcast dot net.
Thanks all.