Servo v. Tortoises

Mark Kasprowicz

Like many I installed Tortoise turnout motors from the first time I saw them in operations - mmmmdiddly years ago. Recently I wanted to change the track layout at the back of my RR and didn't fancy crawling around trying to get the things installed underneath. So I decided to try surface mounted 9g servos using tube and wire control. I joined a UK organisation MERG which specialises in model RR electronics and bought kits for servo controllers each powering four plus the servo setting controller. You have to build these youself BTW, involves soldering. Installed, aka glued in place, I can adjust the throw and the speed, something you cannot do with a Tortoise. and they are cheap. So my upcoming East German NG layout centred aound a sausage making town in Saxony - 'The Wurst Railway' - will have turnouts and signals powered with servos.

Mark K

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