Re: Wood coal and ore hoppers

John Stutz


They differ a little, but the photos of the two CPR types together do not show much difference in height.  I do not know the reason for building two versions of essentially the same car, but note that 22' nominal length was fairly standard for Lake Superior ore cars, both in the iron and copper districts.  This was dictated by the spacing of ore pockets at the iron ore shipping docks, at 12' centers, which was set very early, and spread through reassignment of obsolete ore cars. 


On November 10, 2021 11:55 AM David Allen <dallen@...> wrote:

John - thanks. I have wanteed to model one or two of these for years.

Note that the 26' foot cars were a bit lower o'all than the 22' cars.
Be well.  Dave Allen

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