Wood coal hoppers

John Stutz


Looking over your Lethbridge Colliery photograph, the NG hopper cars look somewhat like downsized versions of the SG hoppers used by Dominion Collieries on Vancouver Island.   One of these may still be preserved at the Snoqualmie WA railroad museum.  There are a few photographs in Robert Turner'a Vancouver Island Railroads".  Jack Work did an article on modeling them in MR in the 1960's, and included a photo of a NG model, without further details.  Someone now offers a similar freelanced NG version on Shapeways.   Not quite what you want, but they could be a useful starting point for modeling the AR&C hoppers.

Darryl Muralt's "Steel Rails and Silver Dreams" has an appendix detailing the Dolly Varden Mine railroad's ore cars.  The text notes that the design was based on a Dominion Collieries coal car, but gives no details of those cars.

The Colombia & Puget Sound had NG hoppers of similar size to the AR&C's, but the only photos I have seen them in, and then only as background, are locomotive roster shots in the Puget Sound railroads appendix of Best's "Ships and Narrow Gauge Rails".

Other known western users of wooden coal hoppers were the NP serving collieries on both flanks of the Cascades, the Coos Bay OR collieries, and from the Tesla CA mines to a bunker in Stockton.  The NP designs were rather idiosyncratic, while the other two were fairly close to contemporary eastern coal field designs.  The CP for locomotive fuel from Utah, and the CB&Q, used the circa 1899 Canda design of 40/50 ton wooden hopper documented the 1906 CBD, but this is a very late design,contemporary with initial large purchases of 50ton steel hoppers.

John Stutz

On November 6, 2021 9:22 AM Nigel Phillips <nigelp18000@...> wrote:
 ...   I need coal hoppers on the prairies, not tank cars in the mountains. Even more specialized. 

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