Re: Hand laying track

Mike Van Hove

I won’t be using Switch machines, all will be controlled with Caboose Industries Ground Throws, and Tam Valley Electrical gizmos. (KISS)

I have no plans for deep scenery so the modules will be only 3” deep. 1/2” homesote 1-1/2” pink foam and 1” open on the bottom for the wiring and foam support bracing.

Should be very light weight. I plan on installing the modules and that’s that. No plans to haul them around to shows. Maybe no scenery, who knows?

I do have a lot of structures already built so I may set them on the layout, just for fun.

The main idea is to run my 3 Blackstone engines and my 1 Westside T-12, and do some switching. That’s all.

Thanks for all your advice

Mike Van Hove

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