Re: ME rail

Nigel Phillips

Hi Alan,

When you say tarnishing is this a yellowing? Are you referring to unlaid track or laid track? If laid did you use PVA glue? If so was the PVA low acidity? If yes to the last it's probably due to acetic acid vapor being released from the PVA.

Nickel silver usually has a slight yellow tint to it due to normal oxidation (it's a brass alloy that does not contain silver). It gets yellower with time if not cleaned. Different track manufacturers use different alloy mixes. I have some old (probably 30 years) flex track unused that is now quite yellow.


On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 4:21 AM <alsands@...> wrote:
Hi all, I am having trouble with my ME rail tarnishing, the Peco rail stays clean, we live in a relatively hot part of Australia (Perth) but we don't suffer with humidity.
The rail will tarnish within a couple of weeks.
Any hints would help.
Alan Sandsrule

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