Re: Hand laying track

Jim Marlett

I suggest that you not apply rail weathering solution to rail that is already in place. I discovered the hard way that it keeps working unless it can be completely removed. It rusts the spikes and leaves a white residue on ties and ballast eventually.

On Oct 15, 2021, at 8:20 PM, threefootmodels via <threefootmodels@...> wrote:

I wasnt really expecting this topic to take off like it did but every post is informative for me and I appreciate the responses. For now my concern is loosing spike and tie plate detail from the flex track. If some one of you could post some close up pics of your track work I'd love to see it, but deffinetly for now I am going to lay a turnout and some track to see how it goes. 

Have any of you guys used ME rail weathering solution? does it work in solder joints? 

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