Re: Hand laying track

p. f. hollingsworth

The subject of track gauges was mentioned. I have about a dozen old KayDee ones that I prefer over all I have tried. Steve Hatch's roller one is handy some times, but I find little liking for the ME ones- that spike sticking up gets in my way and I send 'em flying when they need to be in place. Of course, the KayDee ones have two sides for the rail size- 55 and 70, I only use the smaller rail and some code 40, so I paint them and as long as the colored side ls up all is good. Some have been painted a few times from wear. I don't know if these are still made, but I dread needing to replace 'em. 
And, on a final note, get and learn how to use the NMRA gauge. If the organization didn't ever do anything else to help modelers, this would have been enough to make me happy. I have three, because I fear losing them as well. Back when I got my first one I think they were only about a buck. Good luck with that!


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