Re: Hand laying track

p. f. hollingsworth

I layed a whole lot of handlaid track back when the flex was unavailable in the sixties. I laid more even when it was available, but just in huge, to me rail. When Micro Engineering came out with the code 55 that I used, I tried it and like it a lot. I will never use any store bought turnouts because they look horrible and can't be bought to suit many situations. So, I have continued to hand lay all switches, some track (since I have the stuff out already) and added more flex for the quickness. Suits me. One thing to mention, though, is the cost and ready availability of supply. Hand laid is really cheap, especially if you count the switches in, and is usually readily resupplied. Flex is more hit or miss in my experience. Speaking of HOn3 here. 
I can build a switch for about a dollar and a couple of hours of work after the ties are in and ballasted. Oh, yea, that's another thing- if you ballast prior to putting down the rail, it's really easy- wish I'd done that all along! Just my take, of course, but it's worked well for me. Give it a try.

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