Re: Stock car occasional progress

Mark Kasprowicz

They're not I'm afraid. And there's no real evidence to say that the outside boards were for lettering either. In fact the photo from our website shows the lettering on the internal boards not the outside ones. The dimensional data, usually on the bottom right of the car, is on inside boards and it's the most concentrated of all the lettering on a stock car. If lettering was a consideration then I'd expect the boards in this area to be double skinned as well. I've taken a glance at Vic Stone's 'Taking Stock' and there's is no explanation for the arrangement while Jim Martlett's photo shows the single internal kick board arrangement on a double deck or sheep car and nothing above that.

My thoughts are simply this - if you apply boards to both sides of a line of posts, the result is more rigid than if you you place them all on one side as you're creating a box section. Given that the lower boards had to be kick proof, to form the box the upper boards had to be on the outside. The D&RGW was also not in the habit of spending money where it wasn't needed.

Finally, I was the project leader for the final stages of both DRHS stock cars and they are not double slatted. But I'm back over there in a month and have a few things to tidy up on the cars and if there is still doubt I'll post photos though Jim's is conclusive.

Mark Kasprowicz
Oxon, England

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