Re: Entry level models

martin feldwick

Prescion scale still make a full set of H0n3 C-16 running gear ,frams ,rods ,wheels . cabs ,domes ,chimmbleys  etc .TJ Prantle have them on ebay.

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 10:35 PM Ian McKinley <ianmckinleyrailroad@...> wrote:

This sounds like a very interesting project, can you provide us with a
reference photo or online link?  I like the idea of a brass etched kit
of basic parts. I would like to encourage you and please keep us up to
date. Thanks

Ian McKinley

On 9/30/2021 3:04 PM, Nigel Phillips wrote:
> I am seriously considering drawing up a conical boiler 2-6-0 circa
> 1885-1900 with a view to getting some etches of the body done in brass
> (domes, pilot, crossheads, valves, bell, air pumps, etc. to be sourced
> separately, plenty of those bits around), including the frames, ash
> box, and rods in N/S. I'm leaning towards Alan Gibson or Markits
> wheels (1/8" axles), and a chassis-mounted motor and flywheel. If the
> geometry works out I might even have a narrow axle-mounted gearbox.
> Given the size limitations on the axle gear with such a small wheel a
> gearhead motor would be a possibility. No live axles or body. Tenders
> are less of an issue, there are kits out there as well as 3D prints.
> Nigel

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