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martin feldwick

sounds great

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 9:04 PM Nigel Phillips <nigelp18000@...> wrote:
I was looking at some older threads yesterday, basically the lack of RTR models that did not break the bank, and the somewhat restricted range (which is primarily D&RG and other western mountain lines). Plus the lack of suppliers. I know the number of HOn3 modelers worldwide is probably around 500-750, and the choice is either Blackstone, old brass, or old MDC/Roundhouse kits. I also noted that a UK company had been contacted with a view to making some models, but as far as I can see nothing ever came of it.

That struck home today when I started looking at what HOn3 Mogul models were out there. "Few and Far" it seems. And I would like to have 2 or 3 of them. Now the railroad I am modeling (the Alberta Railway and Coal/North Western Coal and Navigation Company) had pretty much an even mix of 2-8-0 and 2-6-0 locomotives, the latter functioning as passenger locomotives with drivers 41" in diameter (speed is relative with a mandatory depot stop every 8 miles), or freight/coal haulers with a driver diameter of 37". My 2-8-0 needs are going to be adequately met by West Side or similar models, but the choice in 2-6-0s is limited and none of them really match those of the Alberta companies. The same goes for the solitary 0-6-0 switcher. The layout I'm building will be a dual gauge system, finding a brass Canadian Pacific HO 2-6-0 circa 1900 (Van Horn Hobbies for example) for the standard gauge turns out to be a lot easier (and cheaper) than an old brass HOn3 2-6-0. Supply and demand I guess.

I am seriously considering drawing up a conical boiler 2-6-0 circa 1885-1900 with a view to getting some etches of the body done in brass (domes, pilot, crossheads, valves, bell, air pumps, etc. to be sourced separately, plenty of those bits around), including the frames, ash box, and rods in N/S. I'm leaning towards Alan Gibson or Markits wheels (1/8" axles), and a chassis-mounted motor and flywheel. If the geometry works out I might even have a narrow axle-mounted gearbox. Given the size limitations on the axle gear with such a small wheel a gearhead motor would be a possibility. No live axles or body. Tenders are less of an issue, there are kits out there as well as 3D prints.


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