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It’s not that I don’t agree with you, but we can’t look back.  Your comment is subjective and off topic.  We move forward and keep modeling. 

I wish someone had given me the idea of resolving my crank pin issue years ago. This model sat in this box for over twenty years, because I could not find the correct crank pin screw.  It wasn’t until recently that I was struck with this idea.  

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I in no way attempted to make a negative comment.

i'll admit I may have been a bit cheeky.
i'll apologize for that.

I AM in favor of local hobby shops.
where you can walk in, talk to the person selling the item, make friends, share stories get advice and so on.

I do agree with you, my internet connection IS my supply line, otherwise I couldn't get anything.
even though I use the internet for my needs, I STILL am in favor of local shops and DO encourage people to shop there.

anytime I travel, if i'm in an area that has a hobby shop, I stop in and see if there's anything I need they have.
in other words, I try my best to support brick and mortar shops wherever they are.
and yes, I know they're dying off, and it's almost a loosing battle and so on.

at any rate, where each person gets their supplies is up to them, I have no local option, or i'd go there.
I say that, because I remember what it was to have a local hobby shop, and I said before IF you want to keep a local shop, support them.
cause when they're gone, that's it. and you don't know what you're missing till you don't have it any more.

have a happy day.

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Negative comments like yours make me laugh...I’m 57, and your local hobby store is presently at your finger tips... 
Brick and Mortar stores are almost a thing of the past and those still open are struggling . To many RTR modelers, and it’s really hard to find anyone who wants to pay full mark up now a days.  Also not only is it the on line hobby stores as ebay, but even manufacture like Broadway limited and scaletrains sell direct..., or reduce prices  where stores get stuck with inventory, and kill their profits.  


On Jul 8, 2018, at 3:28 PM, kevin b via Groups.Io <arcatruck13@...> wrote:

 and all the parts are available at your local hobby store.

that's SO funny!!!!!!!
there hasn't been anything approaching a local hobby store around here since I was a teenager.
I am now 54.

for those of you fortunate enough to have a decent hobby shop in your area, you're lucky.

folks, if you want to KEEP a local hobby store near you, PLEASE support them.

have a happy day.

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