Re: Westside Lumber Hon3


In 2006, PSC imported exquisite versions of WSLC #7 (only time anyone produced), #8, #9, #14 and #15. Quantities were very limited, about 25 ea. Models were DC only, painted and
were absolutely beautiful, smooth, quiet runners. If you can find an example, it will be well north of $1000. 

In the mid 1980s, PSC had Nakamura re-run improved drive versions of some of the WSLC Shays. Included were #10, #12 (only time produced), #14 and #15. These can be seen 
occasionally on eBay and are decent enough runners with some tuning. Run quantities were decent size, but it is becoming much harder to find a mint example. I am not aware that
any of these mid-80s versions were factory painted.

Good luck,

Len Raley

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