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Good one Gary. Paul R also in Oz.

On Sun, Sep 5th, 2021 at 10:30 AM, gnorwood6 gnorwood6 <> wrote:

Just thought that I would throw in a comment on high postage/shipping
costs on ebay.
Saw a set of Microscale decals that I wanted to buy. The shipping cost
from US to Australia was $58.00!
I am unable to comprehend how there is any justification for this
shipping cost for one set of Microscale decals.
This will simply kill off a lot of potential sales on ebay.
Gary down under in Oz. 

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Not when a company here charges it on behalf of the UK.  Most of what I
buy from the UK for my 4mm scale modeling comes from companies who are
either registered to drop VAT on exports, or who are small enough to be
exempt. I have shipped items for quite a few people because the seller
here just refused to budge on the high shipping charge that often
includes imaginary customs and taxes. On occasions I have taken items
with me and mailed them in the UK. I would offer to do that, but my
planned visit in October is subject to the vagaries of Covid. 

Look up the cost of USPS to the UK, send it to somebody here who's
willing to post it on. Add to that the USPS internal cost. Should be
about a third to a half what you have been quoted in $.

On Saturday, September 4, 2021, dropframe46 <
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You gotta love those VAT’s. 

Larry Olsen 

On Sep 4, 2021, at 6:51 AM, Nigel Phillips <
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Commerial shipping rates are high because VAT/duty has to be charged
here, unless the supplier is exempt. Get somebody over here to ship it
as a gift. Still have to put the value on the form And you will get
dinged for VAT/duty on the goods and postage. The amount quoted is a
commercial carrier rate, not USPS. 

These changes have essentially killed eBay between the UK/US.

On Friday, September 3, 2021, Mark Kasprowicz <
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I'm very interested in the 6200 car as the DRHS has restored 6215 and i
am gathering together one of each restored car (well, perhaps two`). Is
your model the rebuilt (longer) version or original. As regards trucks
they ran on 4'8" archbar tracks whch I believe were produced by
Backstone in the past? Yours are a good price too and on sale. But the 
problem is that 3DPTRAIN want to charge nearly $58.00 to ship to the UK
which is OTT especially as the postage is regarded as part of the
purchase price for customs duty making your car just about $100 without
trucks so I'm still working on that.
It does look great BTW.
Mark K
PS most of the restoration work of 6215 was done with the help of a
Colorado History grant and carried out by Arboles Timberights and DRHS
volunteers. It sits in Silverton.      





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