Re: What got you in to HOn3?

Darryl Huffman

In 1970 I was working in our family's auction house.  I bought a small box of HO stuff.  Included was a Revell HO 0-6-0 which had no cab.

I ground the domes and stack off the metal body.  Added some Kemtron O scale domes, stack and headlight.

I scratched an O scale cab and ended up with an On 2 1/2 locomotive.

My model railroad friends thought I was stupid and wasting my time.  But I didn't care as I was having lots of fun.

Before long I removed the cab from a Matua 0-4-0 diesel and scratched an O scale cab.

I had an Atlas 0-6-0 in N scale and added HO Kemtron cab, domes, stack and headlight.  photo attached.

I have been in narrow gauge ever since.   All the people who made fun of me are dead and I am still having fun.

But my toys are much more expensive now.  Currently working on a 1/20.3 Mich Cal shay #2.

Darryl Huffman

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