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Mick, Excellent work as always!  I really miss Jim, he was always so inspirational in HOn3. 

On my bench are a few items, but I presently decided to rebuild a Key C-17 I started in the mid 80’s.  I just finished machining the frame, dropping in new drivers, and now its time to decide its gearbox.  These have a similar set up as on the westside hi-grade C-16..., but not sure if I will follow that routine.  I have decided to back dated it to the diamond stack era, and add it to my roster.      

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Now and again Jim Vail would challenge what’s on your workbench. Here’s something I just completed. It’s a bash of a Blackstone DBG to a low sided 700 series using Grandt corner irons and Thinfilm decals  to replace the removed lettering. I do confess that I left the corner posts in place rather than replacing with corner irons, but that because I only found out that I should have done that after I finished it

What’s on your bench?


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