Re: Best Decoder/Sound System for a Balboa C-21

Nigel Phillips

S0586 sound file from a narrow gauge K27 2-8-2. ESU decoders come blank, you will need a supplier with the ability to burn the decoder. The decoder is a V5, a micro version is the smallest. ESU now use PLEX interfaces on standard size decoders (16 pin). if you are new to installing decoders get somebody like Tony's Trains to burn and install. Or practice on a cheap engine and decoder first. The micro versions come with a 6-pin interface, usually enough for a steam locomotive. ESU should have an 8-socket to PLEX interface card. I think you can special order an 8-pin interface decoder directly from ESU.

I use Soundtraxx and ESU decoders, ESU are IMHO better. Soundtraxx come with the 8-pin interface and a stay alive capacitor. Bachmann sound decoders in HO are usually from Soundtraxx, not so expensive, and they have a generic 2-6-2.


On Thursday, July 15, 2021, AdamKP <penncentral13@...> wrote:
I should probably also add that I’m looking for a specific mode number or name. Thanks for the advice so far.

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