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Better yet.  Just take the paper and lay it over the sleeve.  Take the cracked part and put it on top the paper and push it down into the sleeve.  The paper will give way and take the new new form between the cracked part and sleeve.  Kind of like putting an insulated tire on a wheel.

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On a 3 .14mm OD socket, a nominally 1/8" ID K&S brass tube will need some shimming to get a tight fit. 
A light hard paper should suffice.  Cut the paper just long enough to go once, or as many times as needed, around the socket.  Cut the width equal to sleeve plus socket lengths. Cut a small taper inside the sleeve's leading edge and outside the socket's leading edge.  Clean socket and sleeve with alcohol to remove any oil.  Roll the paper so it fits tightly into the sleeve, start the socket into the paper tube, press together, and trim off excess paper.  It may take several tries to get a fit that firmly closes the cracked socket.  When done, hit the paper edges all around with water weight ACC to fix all together. 
John Stutz
On July 15, 2021 9:13 AM Jim Rohman <rohman@...> wrote:

Hello again

I’m trying the sleeving. I haven’t been able to get a real tight fit with the 1/8 sleeve. Don’t know if I should add some silicone or squeeze the sleeve together a bit. I would think the Sleeve (tube) should be a tight fit. I’ve found I have 3 cracked cups in the line plus there is a special plastic cup that comes off the gear box and mates directly with a brass cup with no dog bone. This special plastic cup looks to be cracked also. I’ve got myself quite a little mess to fix.


NWSL recommended using their 487-6 U joint set. My shaft size is 1.45mm and their U joint kit is made for 1.5mm shafting. It might work.  I may give that a try if the sleeving fails. It won’t help with the special cup that mates with the brass cup but I’ll see what happens.


Thanks everyone again for following along. I’m a novice at trying something like this, another-words, I don’t know what I’m doing, but I hope to learn something and get lucky and actually fix this guy. Any ideas you may think of I’d appreciate.

Below is a picture of the special cup highlighted.

Thanks for your help, Jim



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