Re: HO D&RG Refrigerator White Decal

John Stutz


At the recent 2021 NMRA online convention, Frank Schneider gave a clinic titled " Make Your Own Decals".  This was based on a fairly new technology developed by the folks at, who have a way to make white decals, as well as a wide range of colors, from black laser printer output.  It's a moderately complex multi-step lamination/delamination based process, and requires some moderately expensive hardware and materials, but should be well worth investigating.

John Stutz

On July 14, 2021 12:42 PM Don Bergman <dbrenegade@...> wrote:
Been running into a brick wall trying to find a White "REFRIGERATOR" decal for D&RG Refrigerator car class 1r.  A black one appears in Microscale Cecal set 87-73. 

I have print custom decals but my printer will not print white.

Any ideas?
Don Bergman

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