Off the Beaten Track, July 13th

Peter Smith

The Covid 19 Pandemic has created an opportunity for us to visit narrow gauge layouts not usually visited because of location.  These are all scales, some large and some small.  Each is selected to demonstrate modeling skills and how each presenter tackled specific challenges to his layout. 


Please take a look at “Off the Beaten Track”, a dedicated site called NNG on  We currently have almost 400 members. Our next presentation is July 13. The link to join this group is

·        We schedule a session once a month on the second Tuesday evening commencing at 8:00 EST.
·        Each two hour session will include a clinic, a vendor and a layout tour.
·        Members of this Group will automatically receive a message with the link to each upcoming Zoom meeting.
·        These sessions will continue until at least through the end of this year.
·        We will record sessions for subsequent posting on a dedicated YouTube channel.


Planning committee:
Russ Segner, Pete Smith, Gerry Cornwell, Marc LaChey, Dave Adams, Jeff Shultz


Send specific questions to russseg@...

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